Interior & Life space Design

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Bachelor in Interior & Lifespace Design (B. ILD)

Enter the exciting world of Entertainment Arts & Digital Media with a Bachelor’s Degree from one of the best Digital Design Colleges

The Bachelor’s Degree in Interior and Lifespace Design, is a three-year full-time program, affiliated with the University of Mysore, designed to prepare students to Assess a Client’s Needs, Create a Plans and Specifications

Plan the spaceEnsure that the Work is Completed on Time and on Budget at the professional level. Rather than only teaching students how to use current tools and software, our B.ILD. program emphasizes the development of foundation skills that remain relevant and useful regardless of the technology or medium. Students who successfully complete this program will have the skills to produce powerful, affecting Design & Space management , in a professional studio environment.

At iPixio, as part of the Bachelor’s Degree, foremost attention is given to a students’ Degree Project. The program is designed in such a way that every assignment and project completed by the student, over the entire duration of the program, progressively shapes into a professional Degree Project that will be used for final evaluation by the academic board for placements of the student.

Fashion Degree
University Of Mysore

Program Duration
3 years

Evaluation Process for Fashion Degree

  • Internal
  • Individual Assignments
  • Group Projects
  • External
  • University of Mysore Examinations
Semester – 1 Bachelor in Interior & Life space Design

Semester – 1

Fundamentals Of Structures – 1
Theory Of Design
Freehand Drawing And Geometric Construction
Material Exposure
Introduction To Computers – 1
Fundamentals Of Design – 1
English – 1
French – 1
Environmental Studies.

Semester – 2 Bachelor in Interior & Life space Design

Semester – 2

Fundamentals Of Structures – 2
Research Strategies Design Process
Analytical Drawing
Basic Photography
Humanities Art Appreciation And Appraisal
Introduction To Computers – 2
Fundamentals Of Design – 2
English – 2
French – 2
Indian Constitution

Semester – 3 Bachelor in Interior & Life space Design

Semester – 3

History Of Crafts And Interior Design – 1
Interior Materials – 1
Anthropometry And Ergonomics
Technical Drawing And Commuter Applications
Interior Construction – 1
Interior Design – 1
English – 3
French – 3

Semester – 4 Bachelor in Interior & Life space Design

Semester – 4

Building Services – 1
Interior Materials- 2
Advance Computer Applications
Interior Construction – 2
Interior Design – 2
English – 4
French – 4

Semester – 5 Bachelor in Interior & Life space Design

Semester – 5

Building Services – 2
Interior Materials- 3
Materials And Processes – 1
Interior Construction – 3
Interior Design – 3
Art And Crafts
Mini Project

Semester – 6 Bachelor in Interior & Life space Design

Semester – 6

Building Services – 3
Cost Estimation
Interior Construction – 4
Interior Landscape
Professional Practice/ Final Project

  • Interior and spatial designer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Production designer Theatre/TV/Film
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Architect
  • Architectural technologist
  • Furniture designer
  • Graphic designer
  • Industrial/product designer
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Interior and Lifespace Design (From UGC Recognized –University of Mysore).
  • Life Skills & Personality Development Modules.
  • Weekly seminar from Industry Experts and free workshops.
  • Certificate of Experience from iPIXIO STUDIOS.
  • Portfolio Development .

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Program : Fashion Degree (B. FAD)

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