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Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Apparel Design(B. FAD)

Enter the exciting world of Entertainment Arts & Digital Design with a Bachelor’s Degree from one of the best Fashion Design Colleges

The Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion, Apparel & Branding, is a three-year full-time program, affiliated with the University of Mysore, designed to prepare students to design clothing, produce trending apparels and build merchandising plans using state-of-the-art digital tools at the professional level. Our B.FAD. program emphasizes the development of foundation skills that remain relevant and useful regardless of the trend, technology or medium. Students who successfully complete this program will have the skills to produce powerful, affecting Fashion & Digital Designs, in a professional studio environment.

At iPixio, as part of the Bachelor’s Degree, foremost attention is given to a students’ Final Design Portfolio. The program is designed in such a way that every assignment and project completed by the student, over the entire duration of the program, progressively shapes into a professional portfolio that will be used for final evaluation by the academic board. Even projects worked on by the student at iPixio Studios will become a part of their fashion portfolio. This portfolio will be showcased on iPixio’s webpage and will play a vital role in campus placements of the student.

Fashion Degree
University of Mysore

Program Duration 
3 Years (Regular)

Evaluation Process for Fashion Degree
  • Internal
  • Individual Assignments
  • Group Projects
  • External
  • University of Mysore Examinations
Semester – 1 Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Apparel Design

Semester – 1

Pattern Making – I Draping – ‘I
Garment Construction – I
Fashion Illustration – ‘I
Computer Application – I
History of Fashion
Fashion Studies – I
Textile Studies – ‘I
English – I
French – I
Environment Studies
End Term Project

Semester – 2 Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Apparel Design

Semester – 2

Pattern Making – II
Fashion Illustration – ‘III
Draping – ‘II
Surface Development Technique – I
Fashion Studies – II
Garment Construction – II
Textile Studies – II
English – II
French – II

Semester – 3 Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Apparel Design

Semester – 3

Draping – ‘III
Fashion Illustration – ‘III
Advanced Surface Development
Technique – II
Computer Application – III
Garment Construction – III
English – III
French – III
End Term Project

Semester – 4 Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Apparel Design

Semester – 4

Pattern Making – IV
Advanced Draping – IV
Garment Construction – IV
Fashion Illustration – I V
Fabric Trims and Sourcing
Intellectual property Rights
English – IV
French – IV
End Term Project

Semester – 5 Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Apparel Design

Semester – 5

Manufacturing Process
Theatre Costume
Film Fashion and Image
Advanced Pattern Making
Portfolio Development I
Industry Internship
End Term Project

Semester – 6 Bachelor of Science in Fashion & Apparel Design

Semester – 6

Portfolio Development ll
Design Collection/Project1

  • Fashion Designer
  • Costume Designer
  • Retail Buyer
  • Retail Merchandiser
  • Garment Digital Design Specialist
  • Lingerie Designer
  • Fashion Stylist
  • Fashion Director
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Production Manager
  • Fashion PR Specialist
  • Fashion Pattern Maker
  • Pattern Grader
  • Sample Maker
  • Accessories Designer
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Fashion CAD Specialist
  • Garment Developer
  • Fashion Photographer
  • Fashion Branding Expert
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion, Apparel & Design (From UGC Recognized – University of Mysore).
  • Life Skills & Personality Development Modules.
  • Weekly seminar from Industry Experts and free workshops.
  • Certificate of Experience from iPIXIO STUDIOS.
  • Personal Fashion Portfolio Showcase Page.

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Program : Fashion Degree (B. FAD)

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