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balancing freelancing and job Earn While You Learn

“Earn money by doing some simple copy-paste job,” said the advertisement link.  Akhil was intrigued by the thought. He was in fact suffering from a financial crunch since the last few months. Akhil is a design student in one of the most famous design colleges in the country. He always wanted to be an artist. After his schooling, he found out about his career options as an animation and interior designer.  He was very happy to get an admission for a Bachelor’s Degree in Animation and Designing as that was his dream.

But, as time passed, his expenditures increased and he couldn’t afford the same quality of lifestyle he was used to earlier. His dad had allowed him to pursue this career line on several conditions. One of which is that he had to manage the money that would be given to him along with the college fees.

This had made him feel so lost. He couldn’t go out with his friends and have fun, couldn’t afford go to his favorite movies. One day he came across an interesting advertisement on Facebook that said they are inviting young artists to contribute to their collection of “art studio” and that they can be paid for the same.  He was excited. He didn’t want to do just about any job to earn money. While earning was very important for him, he wanted to do something that involved his creativity, heart, and soul.  So he liked the facebook option better. He immediately contacted the number given in the ad and got invited to showcase some of his best sketches and designs. “Wow! That’s the first public recognition to my artistic work” he thought and took the best advantage of this offer.

When the ‘art studio’ gave him his first payment of Rs.1000 as Freelancer, he was stunned as he never thought that simple sketch could be so valuable. Just after he left the shop, he was jumping out of joy! He had discovered his new potential!! He started sketching and painting more often and also told about the same to some of his friends who were good artists.

For a few months this happened and suddenly one day he got an offer by a design studio to be regular for them as his designs were special and unique. Now he quoted more, and to his surprise, he was offered double the money than he expected!  Meanwhile, his parents were also surprised that he had stopped asking for that extra pocket money like before. They were in doubt if he is in good company or not. But when he showed them his artwork which got recognition and remuneration, they were very proud of him as he had taken up his own responsibility. They started respecting him from then on like an earning member of the family.

If you are a student too, and want to make those extra bucks in your free time, you can also explore many work opportunities that are available these days. There can be many options; content writer, a translator, a script writer, an artist in a theater etc. Alternatively, if you have a good internet connection with a PC at home, you can teach online, do Google ad sense or even very simple typing and copy paste work. There are a plenty more if you have technical knowledge too.


It is even better if you pursue something that is directly or indirectly connected to the education you are pursuing.  As it only adds to yours skills and experiences that will eventually help you get better employment opportunities.

You can look up for work opportunities in a newspaper, internet, talk to friends and seniors. Life is nothing but experimenting with your capabilities and seeing how you can add more meaning and purpose to it.

“The heights by great men reached and kept

Were not attained by sudden flight,

But they, while their companions slept,

Were toiling upward in the night.” –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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